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Pocket watches for individualists, aficionados and collectors

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Pocket watches as a specific timepiece

Pocket watches are not as popular as they used to be, but are always sought after by individualists, aficionados and collectors. This group of purchasers knows and values the benefit of these relatively sturdy and still-popular timepieces. And the feeling you have when you carry a pocket watch certainly plays a big role in the desire to purchase. Carrying a pocket watch that might already be 100 years old is something really special. Of course, at Miquel Watches, the age of such a watch says nothing about its condition. Because antique pocket watches which you can buy from us online have all been tested by experts and, if necessary, repaired. So if you buy a watch like this from us, you can always rest assured and enjoy your special watch for many years to come.

Pocket watch movements converted into a marriage wrist watch

At Miquel Watches you will also find wrist watches with movements taken from antique pocket watches, which watch experts also call marriage watches. These conversions have become particularly popular and sought after among watch experts over the last few years. Because the diameter alone of a pocket watch is generally bigger than average, it requires a very large wrist watch casing. That often means that these conversions, or marriage watches, have a very large outer diameter. Instead of this being a shortcoming, it is a reason for many aficionados to buy one. With such a wrist watch you have the option of wearing antique horology in a modern, neutral casing. These watches are mainly converted by specialist watchmakers, who make new neutral wrist watch casings and, if required, new dials for the antique pocket watch movements.

You can also buy new pocket watches at Miquel Watches

At Miquel Watches you will also find new pocket watches, which include those made to antique standards as well as current precision standards. The new pocket watches are not just in the usual mechanical design, but there are also quartz variants which many buyers find better for everyday use than those with a manual mechanical wind. No matter which pocket watch you decide on, you can be certain that you will always find friendly, expert and fair advice at Miquel Watches. We look forward to hearing from you.