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Alpina watches at Uhren Miquel


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Buy all kinds of Alpina watches at reasonable prices

Originating in Geneva, Alpina watches were regarded as top-quality watches and still do justice to this reputation today. Back then, the company was known as "Alpina Union Horlogère" and produced its own manufacture movements. It became "Alpina Watch International" in 1972 and the manufacture of ebauche movements was outsourced to other companies. At the end of the 1980s, Alpina fell into German hands, where they mostly used movements from ETA. Chronographs, hand-winding and self-winding models were included in the collection. However, it was decided to end the career of the Alpina brand in 2000. Alpina was taken over by Frederique Constant from Switzerland two years later, until both brands were bought by Citizen in 2016.

Alpina watches, smartwatches, chronographs, self-winding watches, diving watches, pilot watches

Today you can buy diving watches, chronographs, automatic watches and smartwatches of the Alpina Watch brand at attractive and fair terms and conditions from Uhren Miquel. The fantastic value-for-money will certainly make the new owner of the Alpina watch more than happy. Our instalment purchase is another advantage to be considered and brings you a step closer to the watch you desire. We will be pleased to advise you over the telephone, by email or locally in our bricks-and-mortar shop, where we will also be pleased to answer your questions.

Alpina Startimer pilot watches

Pilot watch fans find what their hearts desire with the Alpina Startimer Pilot. The typical pilot watch design has been implemented in a perfect light here and is available at affordable prices. The stainless steel used here with a leather strap or steel bracelet leaves all options open to watch lovers to purchase the Alpina Startimer Pilot according to their preferences at attractive prices. The self-winding watches of the Alpina luxury watch brand are also available at competitive prices. They are combined with a chronograph function. There are even limited editions of some of the Alpina watch models, and they give the wearer that little something extra. After all, limitation is often welcomed in the case of a resale. Watch collectors should always take this feature into consideration.

Alpina Alpiner watch model

Alpina Alpiner will certainly appeal to watch fans who like a sporty style. The Swiss watchmaker also uses stainless steel here and skillfully combines it with natural rubber, stainless steel or textile straps, thereby bringing variety and a sporty wearing comfort to the watch market at an attractive price.

Alpina Smartwatch - also for ladies

In order to keep up with the times, Alpina followed the recent smartwatch trend and designed the Horological Smartwatch which can be connected to the mobile phone and is also present in the world of ladies' watches.

Alpina Seastrong diving watches

Diving is not only big with sportspeople, this sport is also popular in the world of watches and often used for models. The target group of divers and sports fans considers waterproofness to be tremendously important. That is why the Alpina luxury watch brand also offers diving watch models which are waterproof up to 30atm, such as the Alpina Seastrong Diver. But extremely waterproof watches are also an advantage in everyday use; if it pours with rain while you're cycling home, the water pressure arising on the leaky watch can cause a problem. And so we can say that you are always on the safe and dry side with a waterproof Alpina Seastrong Diver watch at an unbeatably low price - even if you are not a sportsperson! Browse through the Alpina watch assortment at Uhren Miquel today and buy the Alpina Seastrong watch bargain which suits you best and at an attractive price for good measure!

Alpina GMT watches and worldtimers

Alpina offers GMT models for globetrotters. The display of a second time zone means that GMT watches are very popular, especially with frequent travellers. The watch wearers therefore do not need to constantly change the time. They can relax and read the time on their watch abroad as well as find out how late it is at home. This is also the case for the Alpina worldtimer watches. They display a second time zone, as well as day and night. Furthermore, various world cities are inscribed on the dial to facilitate the setting of the required world time. These Alpina watches also have the sporty look of the other models and can be purchased from Uhren Miquel with the best value pricing in spite of their technology.